Quantum Optics

Quantum optics

3rd revised and extended edition

Werner Vogel and Dirk-Gunnar Welsch
(Wiley-VCH, Berlin, 2006)

This is the third, revised and extended edition of the acknowledged Lectures on Quantum Optics by W. Vogel and D.-G. Welsch. It offers theoretical concepts of quantum optics, with special emphasis on current research trends. The main new topics included in the revised edition are a unified concept of measurement-based nonclassicality and entanglement criteria, and a unified approach to medium-assisted electromagnetic vacuum effects including van der Waals and Casimir forces. The fundamentals of quantum optics are introduced in a sufficient depth for their practical application and for an understanding and treatment of specialized problems of modern research. The rigorous development of quantum optics in the context of quantum field theory and the attention spend to details make this a valuable book for graduate students as well as for researchers.

Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Elements of quantum electrodynamics
  3. Quantum states of bosonic systems
  4. Bosonic systems in phase space
  5. Quantum theory of Damping
  6. Photoelectric detection of light
  7. Quantum-state reconstruction
  8. Nonclassicality and entanglement of bosonic systems
  9. Leaky optical cavities
  10. Medium-assisted electromagnetic vacuum effects
  11. Resonance fluorescence
  12. A single atom in a high-Q cavity
  13. Laser-driven quantized motion of a trapped atom

Quantum optics

Werner Vogel and Dirk-Gunnar Welsch

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