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  1. D. Vasylyev, A. A. Semenov, and W. Vogel
    Characterization of free-space quantum channels
    arXiv:1810.05700 [quant-ph].
  2. A. A. Semenov, M. Bohmann, D. Vasylyev, and W. Vogel
    Nonclassicality and Bell nonlocality in atmospheric links
    arXiv:1810.05699 [quant-ph].
  3. F. Krumm and W. Vogel
    Verification of non-equal-time commutators of a trapped ion
    arXiv:1810.04972 [quant-ph].
  4. F. Krumm and W. Vogel
    Anomalous Quantum Correlations in the Motion of a Trapped Ion
    arXiv:1809.08469 [quant-ph].