Dr. Dmytro Vasylyev


Universität Rostock
Institut für Physik
Albert-Einstein-Str. 23
18051 Rostock
++49 381 498-6936
++49 381 498-6932

Academic Career

  • Dipl.-Phys., Kiev-Mohyla University, Kiev, Ukraine, 2004
  • PhD, University of Rostock, Germany, 2009
    Propagation of nonclassical Light in structured Media

Subject of Research

Based on the nonequilibrium Green function approach of microscopic QED we study the propagation problem of quantum light through dispersive and absorptive (amplifying) bounded media. We make the attempt to close the gap between microscopic QED and its macroscopic counterpart, where special emphasis is put on various quantum-noise effects. In our works we have shown that:

  1. The microscopic derivation of the emission spectra of bulk dielectric or semiconductor media gives the clear physical interpretation of the noise current operators appearing in the macroscopic QED formulation of the propagation problem. This enables one to investigate the influence of spontaneous emission from the bounded medium on the statistical properties of transmitted optical radiation.
  2. The peculiar property of photon Green function to split into parts corresponded to medium- and vacuum-induced contributions to the field-field fluctuations allows one to formulate the propagation problem for quantized radiation in materials of various geometrical shapes and for arbitrary nonequilibrium situations. Moreover, we have shown that the present approach, in contrast to the previous ones, can be applied for spatially inhomogeneous media, e.g. for bounded media, where spatial dispersion effects are significant.